Qamar Zaman ​- Podcast for a purpose.

We live in the most affluent nation in the world, yet many kids go to bed hungry at night. We can help.

When a child goes to bed hungry, how does it make you feel?

My Name is Qamar Zaman. Through my podcast for purpose, I need your help to educate, nourish & mentor children all over the world... starting right here in Dallas, Texas.

My Purpose
Assist children through:


Project IQ

Project IQ - Invest in a local child's future

The Purpose - Body, Mind And Soul

The purpose of the podcast is twofold: When a child is hungry, it becomes a struggle to learn. We aim to change that! As a mentor of Project IQ, you will partner with us as we feed the mind and body of a child through our collaborative sponsorship effort.

Each sponsored child will receive a monthly "IQ Box" consisting of:

• A Book to read
• Food allowance via a gift card or other options available
• Crayons and notebooks to journal their creativity
• Many other items of learning and fun for children

Join me in feeding and educating our Future American IQ Stars.  

Make an Impact on tomorrow by Giving today!  
Project IQ - Invest in a local child's future

No Child Should Go To Bed Hungry, Lack Clothing or other basic necessities.

​Facts About Child Hunger In The U.S.

​               According to Feeding America, 1 in 7 people in the U.S. face hunger every year. The rates of hunger in children are even higher, with about 1 in 5 lacking proper access to food at some point during the year.  

​               In the U.S., hunger is caused by the prevalence of poverty, not food scarcity. Stable food access is often blocked for low-income families that struggle to balance the need for food with other basic necessities.

​                62% of teachers say children in their classrooms are coming to school hungry.



There are many ways local businesses can contribute to Project IQ. Because we realize each local business also struggles with marketing themselves, we have put together a plan that keeps growing local businesses. Our local business plan has been successful with many small businesses. Some of these businesses grew to mid and large sized based on the investment they chose.


​Qamar Zaman will interview these local business champions in his show coffee with Q and help create a brand halo for their businesses to then become micro influencers.

​Based on the level of contribution, each business owner will receive a large amount of local marketing, brand amplification & mentorship from Qamar on a 1 on 1 basis via live events, podcasts and event visits including meeting other thought leaders in the digital marketing space.

​All mentors will be a part of the Project IQ forum on LinkedIn & Facebook and share their day to day highs and lows of business ownership while obtaining success & predictable growth skills under the guidance of Qamar Zaman and his team of business growth experts.

​All levels of members will be invited every year to an event and share their stories. The first scheduled event will be held  in the Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands where the real story of Coffee With Q  began.

How Project IQ ™ is Different

​Most charities are doing their best to solve the issue of hunger in America, yet the problem remains.

Every presidential candidate talks about championing small business owners, and while America is the land of opportunity with for the most part thriving businesses, few, if any, are a partner in addressing hunger, specifically childhood hunger.

As an immigrant I understand poverty and childhood hunger, and now as a tech entrepreneur I can do something about it.  

No child should go to bed hungry, lack clothing or other basic necessities.  

Project IQ is not a charity in the meaning of the word. Our heart is to give all children a fair and even start in this race called LIFE! We are the equalizers.

Food for the body, Knowledge for the mind and Care for the Spirit should be the beginning point for all children and that is what we intend to provide! Don’t you want the same?   

ABOUT Qamar Zaman -

For over 16 years, I have helped small business owners achieve their goals. The initial need was to obtain a beautiful website that could also generate some business for them. While it sounds simple, it requires a team of talented experts who can deliver.

With a small group of experts each with unique skills and spread over the U.S., Canada, Ireland, India, Ukraine, and the Philippines, we have changed the world for over 10,382 customers.

How were we do what we do?

We have built a predictable growth system - a software framework that does the work based on a set of rules we have defined.

We call this - KISS. Keep it super Software - FOR predictable business growth

Now that we have developed this system and tested it for over 5 years on various business verticals, we are ready to use our technology to help accelerate the growth of local business owners while staying cutting edge, agile and backed by Google Intelligence as Partner.

"When you become bigger than the problem, you will make an impact."

Qamar Zaman

​4 Pillars of our Success

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    100% Google Trust (No Shortcuts)
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    ​We Provide a Blueprint of what we do (NO Secret Sauce)
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    ​Value Based Content
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    ​Social Media Mix for Organic Traffic