Dallas CEO of Folicure Hair Replacement and John Florig of Hair Replacement Interviewed by Miss World Cayman Islands

Dallas CEO of Folicure Hair Replacement and John Florig of Hair Replacement Interview

Miss World Cayman Islands Jaci Patrick on her podcast to empower global women interviews Dallas CEO Pam Florig, who is living her husbands dream by Creating
John Florig  of Hair Replacement from Dallas, TX serving global audience.

JC Patrick: Hello everyone, thank you for tuning in to the Coffee with Q Podcast. I am JC Patrick, your host and news reporter. Today we will be speaking with Pam Florig, founder of Folicure and the John Florig School of Hair Replacement. Pam, thank you so much for being here today.

Pam Florig: Well, thank you for having me.

JC Patrick: So Pam, we’re going to talk a little bit about your background and to really hear your story on how you got started in the hair industry. Can you share a little bit about your origin story and what drew you and John to the Hair Replacement industry?

Pam Florig: Sure, I get asked this question a lot. It’s kind of a funny story. John was starting to lose his hair and had thinning hair on top, so he went for a consultation at a large Hair Replacement center, which quoted him $2,000. That was a lot for us 30 years ago. He got his first hair replacement system but wasn’t happy with it, so he ended up working for that company when he disliked his logistics job. When the company closed its doors, John decided to start his own business to offer more compassionate and affordable services.

JC Patrick: Hearing your story, I can really hear how much he cared about his clients. Pam, what were the most significant challenges you faced after John’s passing and how did you find the strength and direction to overcome them?

Pam Florig: Obviously, the hardest thing was John’s sudden passing. We had eight employees and 400 clients. It was challenging to decide whether to continue the business. The team and I decided to keep going to support our clients and employees. Additionally, I had to manage a lawsuit with John’s former employer. The dedication of our team was crucial in overcoming these challenges.

JC Patrick: How did your team at Folicure contribute to the turnaround of the business?

Pam Florig: The COVID-19 pandemic was a significant turning point. With everyone staying home and using video calls, many people became more conscious of their appearance. Our team was very dedicated, even visiting clients’ homes to ensure they received the services they needed. This period showed our team’s commitment and helped the business thrive despite the challenges.

JC Patrick: Can you give us a little insight into the John Florig School of Hair Replacement and what inspired you to establish this Academy in his memory?

Pam Florig: One of my colleagues, Kim, suggested we start an academy to teach hair replacement techniques. With the growing acceptance and visibility of hair replacement on social media, the demand has increased. The academy aims to train licensed cosmetologists in hair replacement, providing them with a valuable skill that can significantly impact their careers and income.


In this episode of the Coffee with Q Podcast, host JC Patrick interviews Pam Florig, founder of Folicure and the John Florig School of Hair Replacement. Pam shares the inspiring story of how her late husband John’s hair loss led to the creation of Folicure, a compassionate and affordable hair replacement service. She discusses overcoming significant challenges after John’s passing, the dedication of her team during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the establishment of the John Florig School to train cosmetologists in hair replacement. Pam’s vision for the future of the industry emphasizes growth, confidence, and John’s legacy of “looking your best to be your best

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