Personal Branding for Cayman Islanders

JC Interviews Qamar Zaman Creator of Coffee With Q

Jaci Patrick : Good afternoon, Cayman Islands. This is JC Patrick, your host on Amplifying Caymanian Brands. As the former Miss World Cayman Islands, I’ve worked with Qamar Zaman, the creator of Coffee with Q. I’m privileged to interview him to learn more about his journey and the platform’s benefits for the Cayman Islands.

Qamar Zaman (Q): Thank you, JC. Excited to start the show.

Jaci Patrick : Qamar, share why you love Cayman and how it’s become your home.

Qamar Zaman (Q): I first visited the Cayman Islands at 17 and fell in love with its simplicity. Despite my computer science degree, Cayman’s welcoming nature allowed me to start my career here. My journey here began with an opportunity in a local firm, leading to my long-term connection with the islands.

Jaci Patrick : Tell us about Coffee with Q and its impact on local businesses.

Qamar Zaman (Q): Coffee with Q is an international platform that started during COVID. It’s a space for local businesses to gain exposure without the high costs of traditional advertising. We’ve conducted over 3000 interviews, offering a unique opportunity for brand awareness and growth, especially for the Cayman community.

Jaci Patrick : What success rates have you observed with Coffee with Q?

Qamar Zaman (Q): Success comes from consistent effort and expertise. We focus on helping subject matter experts market themselves effectively. Our approach includes sharing their stories and amplifying their brands to achieve visibility and growth, all based on the principle that genius should be accessible to everyone.

Jaci Patrick : Are there additional services beyond the podcast?

Qamar Zaman (Q): Beyond interviews, we support local businesses by providing exposure to tourists and online audiences. Our packages are designed to deliver value, offering various levels of support to ensure businesses not only survive but thrive.

Jaci Patrick : How do you select participants for your programs?

Qamar Zaman (Q): Our podcasts and classes are open to anyone with proven dedication in their field. We aim to showcase and amplify the expertise of individuals and businesses, offering support and visibility to those ready to grow their personal and professional brands.

Jaci Patrick : What about the personal branding class?

Qamar Zaman (Q): Our personal branding class, free for Cayman residents, is a comprehensive three-month program focused on building a strong personal brand. It’s designed to transform participants into subject matter experts, enabling them to stand out and succeed in their endeavors.

Jaci Patrick : Qamar, your commitment to giving back and empowering the Cayman community is commendable. Thank you for sharing your insights and for your dedication to helping local brands shine.

Qamar Zaman (Q): The journey to success is closer than you think. It’s all about taking the right steps and being willing to put in the work.

Jaci Patrick : Thank you, Qamar. Your efforts in elevating Caymanian brands and individuals are truly inspiring. Looking forward to our next conversation.

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