A mentor is an AVATAR that is a real giver.  You will help
sponsor a child and be a part of project IQ club.

​Social Maven

​We love social connectors, and we call them social mavens.  You are someone who one who can help us spread the word using your brand halo.  You are someone who has a tribe of followers on social media. By helping us spread our word you too can contribute significantly to our cause in kind.

Project IQ Timeline:

Project IQ powered by Coffee With Q is a podcast with purpose. In the first phase of our efforts we pledge to raise $100,000 to create a Project IQ fund whose objective is outlined in the project IQ mission statement.

Once we have raised at least $50,000 we will start the process of selecting children from our local community in Dallas and the surrounding area and begin to sponsor children who meet the selected criteria.

Each child will then receive a monthly "IQ Box" consisting of:

  • check
    ​A Book to​​ read
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    ​Food allowance via a gift card or other options available
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    ​Crayons and coloring book to express their creativity
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    ​Many other items for learning as well as childhood fun

Our desired goal is to provide adequate nourishment for the body, mind and soul via a mentor.
Interested mentors who would like to contribute by selecting an appropriate plan can contact us for the prerequisites of partnership by calling:  Coffee With Q office of Qamar Zaman T: 877-677-1566.