Qamar Zaman has made an arrangement with his company a Dallas based digital marketing and SEO leader to contribute to Qamar's cause to help local businesses in American prosper with their efforts through local internet marketing.


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    ​Qamar Zaman will interview these local business champions in his show coffee with Q and help create a brand halo for their businesses to then become micro influencers.
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    ​Based on the level of contribution, each business owner will receive a large amount of local marketing, brand amplification & mentorship from Qamar on a 1 on 1 basis via live events, podcasts and event visits including meeting other thought leaders in the digital marketing space.
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    ​All mentors will be a part of the Project IQ forum on LinkedIn & Facebook and share their day to day highs and lows of business ownership while obtaining success & predictable growth skills under the guidance of Qamar Zaman and his team of business growth experts.
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    ​All levels of members will be invited every year to an event and share their stories. The first scheduled event will be held  in the Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands where the real story of Coffee With Q  began.

Types of Mentorship Program

DIY (Do it yourself) -
Benefits & Feature 

The entire program, Qamar and his company are giving, is sold to his DIY (Do it yourself) clients for over $15,580 per year.  DIY is most suited for business owners who want to use Qamar's framework to make their websites lead grabbing machines.  Previously, Qamar has sold this program to limited few elite members consisting of  small business owners to small law firms.

However, since you are partnering to become a Mentor with Project IQ ™, you are receiving all the items mentioned in this offer for FREE(In Exchange for being a Mentor to project IQ).

Here is what you get:

Q-Torials – Special step-by-step podcast tutorials with Qamar that will help you learn and implement key marketing strategies.

Marketing Action Plan – Every successful endeavor starts with a plan. Your unique action plan will help you establish and build a winning online presence.

Weekly Webinars – An “over-the-shoulder” look at marketing applications with Qamar, where you will learn key aspects and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Software Tools – You will have access to the full version of the software solution developed by Qamar and his team that will help you put your business on the online map. This solution will not only simplify your processes, it will also save you valuable time and money, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

DFY (Done for you)

There are many businesses who don't have the time to do their local business marketing and end up hiring local or offshore companies. The problem with this approach is that local companies are expensive. They have to pay their employees in the U.S. and are forced to cover their cost and make some money doing that. The result of which is passing the cost to the customer or the local business owner can't afford this cost so they resort to offshore service providers.

These providers are not in the U.S. and are not accountable. Most of the time the business owner does not know any better and at the end of the day get what they pay for which is no results or their sites are  penalized by Google which will, in turn, lose trust in the eyes of Google.  

Qamar and his team have been solving these problems for over a decade. To address this problem Qamar & his team of world-class experts have put together the "A" class program, similar to a first class seat in the plane.

The program mentors local businesses with their market domination comprising of software, planned business guides, and process flows to help the local business dominate and all work done the team. They don't have to do anything.

The work is done in the U.S. & their offices are spread around the world covering Canada, Ireland, UK, Ukraine, and the Philippines. Because, you are dealing with a U.S. based company located here in Dallas, TX, they are available, as well as have made it scalable, to build a predictable growth system that has been giving up to 10X the results for their existing clients.

Until now, however, this system was available to only a select few. Due to Qamar's project IQ, he is opening this to a few more businesses who will contribute to project IQ and pledge to mentor a child in their own backyard. 

Applications on a limited basis for 3 reasons.

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    ​​Looking for mentors who are GIVERS and will make a commitment to pledge to the ongoing growth of a child.
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    ​​Qamar is looking to partner with these GIVERS in his community, making them VIP clients with a program only limited to a few, he is looking for people who will completely follow his strategy to achieve the best results. This program is not for all. If you are one who will be concerned in the minutia of how this program works this may not be for you.
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    ​If you are a local business owner who wants epic results you are the ideal candidate for this program.
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